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Chris Kent Phelps

Chris Kent Phelps – Mom, Inventor, Award Winning Author

It’s a jungle out there.

Every child will be exposed to tacky language and behavior, no matter how much parents want to shelter them. When the inevitable occurs, Tacky Box equips children with the skills to distinguish between what’s appropriate and inappropriate and encourages them to proactively choose how to respond. Inspiring kindness rather than tackiness, Tacky Box Set arms parents with everything they need to help their child navigate the jungle, kind heart and good manners intact. Tacky Box started with a four-letter word and evolved into a collaborative effort to make the world a kinder place one child at a time. Read the story here.

What is Tacky Box?

Tacky Box is an interactive set that teaches children to choose kindness over tacky language and behavior. The 3-piece set includes a 32-page beautifully illustrated book, directions for use from the author, a special notepad for writing down tacky words and actions, and an authentic wooden Tacky Box to put them in to remove them from the mind and heart. Available for boys, girls, and in classroom sets.

Tacky Box Works.

As a single father of two girls, I can say Tacky Box has been a game changer for our home. Instilling solid values and appropriate behavior in two little girls is not an easy task, especially when they are frequently exposed to challenging influences when they are not at home. Both daughters, ages 6 & 8, enjoyed the book and decorating their boxes. They have taken "ownership" of being classy vs. tacky with their behavior and words and even called me out when I said something tacky informing me that I should write it down and put it in their tacky box. I think we're all better off with the Tacky Box at home and I would recommend it to anyone with children. It teaches an excellent lesson in kindness and being aware of the words that we choose.

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