At Tacky Box®, we are committed to creating systemic change in the way children treat each other by pairing innovative content with hands-on tools.

Kindness that Works

TackyBox® has been implemented in more than 4,000 classrooms, reaching more than 100,000 students from grades K-3. As a result, we’ve been credited for improving the behaviors and attitudes of students and ultimately changing the culture of the classroom, often even an entire campus, for the better. We’ve even been told our work has a “trickle up effect;” as children begin to hold themselves more accountable for their words and actions, so do the adults around them!  Imagine the ripple effect at scale.

of students introduced to Tacky Box use it at least once a week.
of teachers believe their students now think about what they are going to say before they say it.
of school counselors would like to continue using TackyBox.
reduction in behavioral incidents in classrooms.

Our award-winning, multi-sensory social and emotional learning (SEL) program encourages children to opt for kindness over “tacky” language and behavior. Using cognitive behavioral strategies that challenge children to make a positive choice in how they behave and interact with their peers, our innovative approach arms children with critical skills that last a lifetime. One of the only tactile tools geared directly to the child, Tacky Box is revolutionizing social emotional learning with its approach and its impact. It’s that impact that gives us hope that we can collectively raise future generations to put kindness first, and ultimately leave the world a better place.

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