Christine Allison




Christine Allison is the president of D Magazine Partners, Ltd. Allison founded D Home and Garden in March 2000 and served as its editor and publisher for six years. In 2002, D Home received a gold medal for general excellence by the City-Regional Magazine Association. It was the first time a regional home and garden magazine had received the award. In 2006, D Home received the Gold Award by Folio Magazine for being the best shelter magazine in the United States, the only regional magazine ever to have been awarded that title.

In addition to D Home, Allison has served as editor and publisher of D Gold Pages, a home resource directory; D Design Book and the Parade of Homes Magazine, a custom publication for the Home Builders Association of Greater Dallas.

Before entering magazine publishing, Allison lived in New York City and worked at John Boswell & Associates literary agency as a book packager. She is the author of numerous books, including John Paul II: A Tribute in Words and Pictures (HarperCollins); 365 Bedtime Stories (Broadway Books); 365 Days of Gardening (HarperCollins); Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus (Delacorte); Teach Your Children Well (Delacorte); Tell Me a Story, I’ll Sing You A Song (Delacorte), Mother Angelica’s Answers Not Promises, co-author, (HarperCollins); Street Smarts for Kids, co-author, (Ballantine); How to Remember People’s Names, co-author, (HarperCollins). In addition, she was for 10 years a regular contributor to the Readers Digest.

Allison also has extensive experience in advertising, having owned and operated a boutique advertising agency that specialized in direct marketing in Dallas in the early 1980s serving national accounts like American Airlines, Airborne Freight and the Associates, as well as local real estate and retail accounts.