A Turnkey Intervention, Directly to Children

Tacky Box acknowledges that the overwhelming requirements placed on teachers means there is little time in the school day to implement “another ” program, and also that the need to address children’s mental health in schools is critical. Our solution is to arm children with innovative content and hands-on tools to create kinder, more empathetic learning environments.

Implementation is Easy

Discover the Easy Way to Implement Tacky Box at Your School

When adopted with high fidelity, Tacky Box has been proven to transform school culture, enhance campus climate scores, and reduce behavioral incidences.

The Power of Choice

It is this power of choice paired with a hands-on tool (for every child) that clears the classroom of negativity, tattle-tailing and disrespect, allowing the teacher to create a safe learning environment. It helps build empathy, positive mindsets and the creation of a more respectful culture in addition to the five CASEL core competencies: self awareness, self-management, responsible decision making, relationship skills and social awareness.

Tacky Box Case Study: Watch how Tacky Box is transforming behavior in schools

Educator Collaboration

Educators have played a key role in the implementation of Tacky Box in the classroom. This collaboration has been and continues to be so important to us that we closely partner with school counselors, teachers, and administrators to ensure that the Tacky Box program is the most effective individual intervention for elementary students.

Tacky Box reaches every child. It is the emotional health and wellness tool that transcends race and class and works for all children, regardless of their surroundings. Additionally, it supports academic learning not only by reducing behavioral incidences but also by providing the child with a multi-sensory approach to learning through language arts, animated TV show, reading, music and art.


Tacky Box is Sequenced, Active, Focused, and Explicit (S.A.F.E.)

Proven Success

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Hat’s off to each and every counselor.

Thank you school counselors for your partnership in bringing Tacky Box to your teachers, principals and students. We are thankful for you!