James Regester


Co-Founder / Advisor


James Regester is a serial entrepreneur and an avid business investor. He brings a strategic but pragmatic approach to decision making to every project he takes on. He is a master of evaluating options without bias and making smart business decisions. This skill, paired with the guts to take chances, has resulted in tremendous success.

Since graduating from Texas Tech with a Finance degree in 2003, Regester has worked as sales manager for a series of entrepreneurial companies learning the ins and outs of business building. After a successful stint as a Regional Sales Director for a medical equipment manufacturer, he decided to put those lessons to work and began launching his own ventures initially in the medical industry. Since then, Regester has launched a series of other companies, all of which continue to be profitable.

As Phelps’ best friend of over a decade and godfather to Emma and Jake Phelps, Regester witnessed the creation and the impact of Tacky Box. After watching Emma and Jake monitor their own words and actions by using Tacky Box, he raised his hand and offered to partner with Phelps to take the concept to other parents and kids.

“I have great respect and trust in Chris Phelps’ conceptual idea and her ability to execute,” says Regester. “Also, the idea of providing mothers and fathers with a tool to help future generations in identifying good from bad and empowering them to choose to be considerate are outcomes I want to be a part of promoting.”

Regester lives in Dallas with his dog, Murphy, and a collection of old cars he has rebuilt.