A Multi-Sensory Program

Tacky Box creates a more respectful culture by empowering children to make a personal choice to be kind and arming them with a hands-on tool to back it up.

We live in a world where children will no doubt be exposed to tacky language and behavior. The Tacky Box set equips children with the skills to distinguish between what’s appropriate and inappropriate and encourages them to choose to be kind rather than repeat tacky words and actions. 

The Pre-K through 5th grade Tacky Box® program features a children’s book series that inspires children to choose kindness and an authentic wooden Tacky Box for each child. During daily Tacky Box Time, children reflect on what they’ve seen, heard or may have said or done, and then write down words and actions they deem “tacky” to lock up in their personal Tacky Box. By writing down this behavior and locking it up in the Tacky Box®, children make a conscious choice to remove it from their heart and their mind. 

In schools, camps, or other large group settings, the Tacky Box® program can be accompanied by a kick-off assembly featuring an animated tv show, “Tacky Box Time,” based off of our beloved books.


Requested by and co-created with counselors and teachers across the nation, this program offers a proactive solution to reduce behavioral incidences by tackling the issue at its root, as early as Pre-K, and repeatedly each year through elementary school. Children learn through choice and repetition and the implementation of “Tacky Box®Time” each day reinforces a child’s social-emotional learning and creates a conscious pattern of behavior that leads to a more respectful school climate.




At its core Tacky Box® is about citizenship and how we can affect change by influencing behavior at a young age. By reinforcing the program on a daily basis, we know that it will not only change a child’s classroom, but it will also change an entire school’s culture. By continuing the program each year during elementary school, the concept that the kinder way is the better way will stick. By doing this, Tacky Box® has the ability to change a generation and help create a more respectful society.