Nurture the Emotional Health and Well-Being in Our Children

Nurture the Emotional Health and Well-Being in Our Children

The Tacky Box® Solution

As adults, we’ve mastered the art of processing emotions—whether it’s going for a jog, sipping wine on the porch, or pounding out a passionate Yelp review after a frustrating experience. We instinctively link our mental and physical experiences, but are we passing this crucial skill on to our children? With Tacky Box, we can nurture the emotional health and well-being in our children.

Tacky Box® is a powerful tool for teaching kids the daily practice of emotional processing through a tangible, tactile experience.

Why is this so essential?

Kids, unlike adults, don’t think abstractly until around the age of 11. As responsible adults, we often overlook the importance of teaching them to process extreme emotions intentionally. Imagine daily mental hygiene, much like the daily dental routine we instill to protect their teeth.

How does it work?

Tacky Box provides a structured process: Feel the emotion, allow for it, then connect the emotional processing physically. It’s a tool, just like a toothbrush, used daily to reflect on any “tacky” behavior experienced, jot it down, and lock it away. This simple practice fosters inner transformation effortlessly, helping children differentiate kind from unkind behavior.

What sets Tacky Box apart?

Tacky Box is an intentional approach to nurture the emotional health and well-being of our children. It’s not just sorting shapes and colors; it’s sorting good from bad behavior in their lives. This daily practice creates inner transformation almost effortlessly—an answer to building social-emotional health that puts the child in control.

“We teach children to sort out shapes and colors at an early age. With Tacky Box, they are sorting out good behavior from bad in their own lives, and therein lies it’s genius. This simple practice, each day at school, creates inner transformation almost effortlessly. It is the first answer we have had to building social-emotional health that puts the child at the helm.” -Christine Allison, Owner and President, D Magazine Partners

“What I see with Tacky Box is that you are helping children develop the skills to discern what is healthy, what is not healthy, what’s acceptable, what’s not acceptable.  You’re giving students a way to actually visualize what to do with what’s not acceptable.  I like your approach very much.”
-Dr. Patricia Nailer, Educator, Providence College, Former President, American School Counselor Association

Why are we missing the mark as adults?

While we teach a myriad of subjects, mental and emotional health often take a back seat. Tacky Box aims to bridge this gap, providing a daily mental hygiene tool and intentional “Tacky Box Time” for children to reflect on their emotions, fostering a kinder, more empathetic future generation.


We need to empower our children with the skills they need not just to navigate the world intellectually, but emotionally. 

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